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Thread: SSL VNC - alternate method for VNC over secure tunnel

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    Default SSL VNC - alternate method for VNC over secure tunnel

    I have previously demonstrated how to use VNC over an SSH tunnel. In this howto I will utilize an alterate method to accomplish the same task. The client for connecting with in this case is ssvnc. I'll be connecting from a windows client in this scenario as ssvnc is not in the offsec repo. This is really more just basic linux, but there have been vnc questions often enough and also handy for your remote backtrack server that one might use for malicious webhosting or dumping hashes to so as not to waste local resources. To use this over the internet you would just need to forward your vnc port (default is 5900 for x11vnc) to your server. This method allows a secure open VNC port, just connect using your public IP address:[screen#]

    root@bt:~# apt-get update
    root@bt:~# apt-get install x11vnc
    root@bt:~# x11vnc -ssl -unixpw -forever -display :0 &
    In windows download and install the binaries from the ssvnc homepage
    then put your ip address in with display number such as

    As long as everything went well you should be able to login.
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