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Thread: Second Hard disk Instal BackTrack

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    Default Second Hard disk Instal BackTrack

    I cant seem to install BackTrack 2 on a second hard disk.
    I have booted from a fresh BT2 cd and following the install hard disk document.

    Essentially I have:
    1. 20 Gig (C:\ ) With windows
    2. 80 Gig (With partition magic partition 4 gigs EXT3) the rest 3 partition NTFS

    From a pdf document I downloaded for BT it stated that 3 partitions should be made

    From the onset I think I need to create a dual boot menu lilo guy but here is what I am receiving when I am trying to write the 3 partitions on the 2nd hardisk.

    /dev/hdb2p1 * 1 98 49360+ 83 Linux
    /dev/hdb2p2 99 1091 500472+ 82 Linux swap
    /dev/hdb2p3 1092 98 3393936 83 Linux

    Calling ioct() to re-read the partion table.
    Warning: Re-reading the partition table failed with error 22: Invalid argument.

    Thought maybe as its only a warning, I would continue, however when I tried to create a filesystem on the partitions I received the following error.

    #mkfs.ext3 /dev/hdb2p1

    Could not stat /dev/hdb2p1 --- No such file or directory

    The thing is the 3 partitions do not exist in /dev

    After some reading, I tried to mknod each of the partitions with no luck. Also read could be a bios limitation on support for large disks..

    Anyone can help me out? Basically just want to dual boot my existing windows hardisk and a 2nd hardisk that contains one 4 gig EXT3 partition (start of disk) and has some other NTFS partitions..



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    It would be better to format from a running CD.
    When you boot BT CD you can use command fdisk ( as in the guide ), parted
    or use CD : Gparted ; Secure Rescue CD.
    I would format 3 partitions with ext3 : 50Mb for /boot, 1Gb for swap, and 9Gb for Linux using above methods.
    Linux works only on ext2,ext3 and reiserfs.
    If you want to exchange files between Linux and Windows you can format the fourth partition with vfat system, or then use partition magic or windows to format remain 70 Gb with ntfs ( ntfs in Linux is slow).
    Linux gives the discs names like /dev/hda /dev/hdb.. (IDE) or /dev/sda /dev/sdb.. (SCSI)
    then the partitions on hda are /dev/hda1 /dev/hda2 and so on
    When you boot BT you can see the names of your discs for example in /etc/fstab file
    Finally Windows must be on the first partition of the first hard disc
    the rest can be in different order .
    Assuming that your windows disc is hda and linux hdb then
    when you rerun CD BT after the proper partitioning fstab would look like
    /dev/hda1 (windows) ntfs
    /dev/hdb1 (/boot) ext3
    /dev/hdb2 (swap) swap
    /dev/hdb3 (linux /) ext3
    /dev/hdb4 windows-ntfs(vfat)
    As the active partition is windows
    in 'BT installer' select : write to MBR in /dev/hda

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