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Thread: How I can change refresh rate in my BT4r2 ?

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    Default How I can change refresh rate in my BT4r2 ?


    I can't change my Refresh Rate. Now I have default 1280x1024 and 60 Hz. I want to have 85 Hz. I tried to install Nvidia driver but it doesn't works, Package not found. I tried to change this in xorg but something went wrong and i had Fatal error. I'm beginner with BT so tell me the easiest way to fix this problem. Greetingzz from PL

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    Default Re: How I can change refresh rate in my BT4r2 ?

    Its all about MATHS...
    You can obtain your refresh rate by dividing your horizontal scan rate by the number of horizontal pixels and multiplying the result by 0.95. So if you have a horizontal scanning rate of 75 kHz and a resolution of 1280 x 1024 then you have a refresh rate of (75 000/1024 * 0.95) which is equal to 69.5 or 70 Hz. Get a calculator and do the maths

    P.S. a 14" may have a refresh rate of 60-72Hz
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