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Thread: RFID tools in BT for Mifare or Legic Prime?

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    Default RFID tools in BT for Mifare or Legic Prime?


    i am looking for new tools, papers or other things about rfid hacking, special for legic prime! 2009 karsten nohl has successfull hacked and cloned mifare and legic prime cards but he didnt make the tools or papers public. maybe 2011 there are more to find

    sorry for my baaad englisch :-p

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    Default Re: RFID tools in BT for Mifare or Legic Prime?

    There are a bunch of tools in BT 4r2 under Radio Network Analysis>RFID for Mifare and some other tags. You can also look at RFDump ( as well as checking out the Proxmark forums (

    This should get you started. Have Fun!
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