I have a strange problem (aside from ad-hoc not working).

When I get into X I start up wicd if I need to connect to a wireless network and it will connect just fine the first time; then at some random point I will be disconnected. After I'm disconnected if I try to reconnect to the AP it will say "Bad password" though I hadn't changed any settings.

From there; I can fix it one of two ways. I can either go into the wicd preferences page and change the wireless adapter to something random, refresh wicd then change it back; or I can run ifconfig wlanX down then try again. The second method does not work all of the time.

This only started happening when I upgraded from R1 to R2. Initially I thought I may have had some corrupt packages from the upgrade so I did a full reinstall but I'm having the same problem.

I also confirmed that it is not the wireless card. I have tried this with 3 different wireless cards and I have the same problem; and the problem is resolved the same on each device..?

Any suggestions?