Ive been kicking this around in my head for awile and haven't done a whole bunch of looking recently so it might already be there i just haven't yet heard of it.

Anyways i know we can all use a google-fu type in the product name along with filetype pdf and for the most part get what we want. However i think it would be worth a domain and a hour or so at the end of each week for someone to put this together.

So rather than having to search for everything every time, or have it scattered across dozens of lists on dozens of sites why not have ALL of it come together in one location. Im sure it would be a gigantic list but it could detail everything from router passwords to sql default passwords, even down to satellite passwords. The idea being that even if some of it might be a little sensitive, that the list would just be so massive that you would have to know exactly what your looking for.

Any thoughts ?