i just had a question how sharing to internet connections but when i about this i got kicked. i dont think they should have done that. there was no need for it.

<bob12> i don't think, just one connection can be active, and you must switch to change the connection, no?
<wood_Ultra10> no
<pleonasm> so, you have two speed which are added ?
<wood_Ultra10> i suppose you could bridge if conneced to the same ip
<wood_Ultra10> dont see why
<wood_Ultra10> Ultra10:/home/wood# cat /proc/cpuinfo
<wood_Ultra10> cpu : TI UltraSparc IIi (Sabre)
<wood_Ultra10> fpu : UltraSparc IIi integrated FPU
<wood_Ultra10> prom : OBP 3.31.0 2001/07/25 20:36
<wood_Ultra10> type : sun4u
<bob12> well let's say they are 2 different ISPs
<OpenSource> bob12 no way
<pleonasm> yorgi, u speak french?
<bob12> it would be nice to be able to use them at the same time
<wood_Ultra10> not 2 isps
<OpenSource> you can only download 1 file whit 2 mbit and onather whit 2 mbit in self time
<bob12> ok. so if i wanted to download 2 files. how can i tell the computer which connection to use
<bob12> like file 1 download and connection 1 and file 2 download on connection 2
<wood_Ultra10> this must end...
* wood_Ultra10 is now known as morning_wood
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* You have been kicked from #remote-exploit by morning_wood (get the **** out n00b)