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Thread: Trying to get an AWUS036H usb adapter working...

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    Default Trying to get an AWUS036H usb adapter working...

    I am running backtrack in vmware with win7 64bit as host os. All is good there. I purchased the AWUS036H adapter, received it, and cannot get it to work. It installs fine on all of my operating systems (win7 32 and 64bit, xp-sp3) but it does not work. Before I start the long process of getting it exchanged for another I want to make sure it is indeed faulty. I tried all suggested troubleshooting methods on data alliences page, several other random attempts, and came up with nothing.

    When I plug it in, the light flashes once then never again. If i choose to install the optional utility program it will load up, but just as in adaptor settings under control panel, it has nothing listed for ip address, ipv4/6 or other settings. Nothing I have tried has fixed this. When checking ipconfig, it it not listed. It is installed correctly according to the given installation instructions and devmngr.



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    Default Re: Trying to get an AWUS036H usb adapter working...

    We cant help you with devices not working under Windows. Have you performed troubleshooting that indicates that this device may not work under BackTrack? If so, please share the details.
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