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Thread: Shutdown 'bug' (Not sure if it is a bug or something I've done wrong)

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    Default Shutdown 'bug' (Not sure if it is a bug or something I've done wrong)

    I have a Laptop with dualboot Windows 7 Home Premium and BackTrack 4 R1 Black Hat Edition when I boot BT and log in, then start the Desktop GUI with the 'startx' command, do what I need to do then try to shutdown either with the menu option of logout or shutdown -h the OS goes to shutdown then all of a sudden the screen goes black and begins to 'strobe' with some funky looking ASCII characters flashing about almost 'matrix style' at the very top (only at the top).

    This 'glitch' or 'bug' whatever you want to call it does NOT happen if I do the shutdown -h command via CLI without first doing startx, then the OS shuts down as normal.

    Any ideas on what is going on and or how to fix it? I am a newbie to BT but not to Linux or computers as a whole, I'm not saying I'm some 'expert' just not a total idiot :P Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Shutdown 'bug' (Not sure if it is a bug or something I've done wrong)

    I have seen X Windows do this when shutting down before, and it isn't necessarily a problem. Does the machine actually freeze up when this happens, or does it shutdown after a short time?

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    Default Re: Shutdown 'bug' (Not sure if it is a bug or something I've done wrong)

    Usually, behavior like this is just dumping odd stuff in video memory as it transitions from X to the CLI. It happens with different flavor of Linux and is dependent on the hardware and drivers more than anything.

    Like Lupin indicated, if it isn't hanging, it's probably not a problem.
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    Default Re: Shutdown 'bug' (Not sure if it is a bug or something I've done wrong)

    Agreed. Most likely it is the x server dumping info to the screen which always happens. But would appear your graphics card may be having a time reliably printing to the screen during this transition.
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    Default Re: Shutdown 'bug' (Not sure if it is a bug or something I've done wrong)

    I have the precise same issue. Dual boot Vista / BT4 on my HP G50 laptop.

    After booting into BT4, CLI works great, shutdown from CLI works fine too. But logout from GUI yields the flashing strobe and unreadable characters racing across the top of the screen.

    When I use a CD to run BT4, logout from GUI doesn't shutdown my system, it takes me (successfully) to CLI and I shutdown from there. But from my dual boot, I go into strobe mode if I exit the GUI.

    Once I'm in the flashing strobe sequence, I have mixed results typing blind... got a reboot once, got indefinite strobing and flashing when I tried to shutdown the next time (waited a while, eventually did a hard power down).

    Tough to say if maybe I fat fingered the shutdown, since I can't see what I'm typing at that point. But it's really disconcerting no matter what.

    Any other ideas on GUI logout glitch fixes to try?

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