i have a notebook Acer Travelmate 2490 with a Broadcom BCM4318 Wireless

So far everything seems to work fine. I installed BT2 on a small partition beside my WinXP partition.

I have eth0 and eth1 devices (& iwconfig says eth0 is the wireless nic).

After changing my wireless router settings (D-Link DI-524) to WEP security (previously WPA-PSK) i even surfed the internet (very slow, but it worked).
I changed it to WEP, coz the "Wireless Assistant 0.5.5" seems to support only WEP. (or am i wrong?)

For security reasons i want the WPA-PSK setting, so what can i do?

After a lot of searching&browsing i have 2 more specific questions:

Do I need wpa_supplicant for Backtrack2 to get WPA working?

Do I need Ndiswrapper+driver files for Backtrack2 to get WPA working?

Tried both, but got lost in the config files.

Please help and gimme a hint in the right direction...

Thx in advance! (&excuse my bad english)