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    Hi all, First I would like to say Backtrack FTW!! My friend stands strongly on Ubuntu, and I can't blame him seeing as he is derrrrrrrrrrrrrrr on computers but lol anyway.....

    My story begins with a psycho woman lol. my friend and his girlfriend were recently given a laptop for the both of them but of course she thinks its hers and won't let him use it. Well being the jolly grood friend I am I decided I would replace Utilman with cmd so he can add and remove his own user without her any the wiser

    But when I get to the mnt sda1 (BT4 R2), I can't mount Windows/System32 for some reason... i try ls and it only brings up "usb" nothing else.... I try Backtrack 3 and I get a whole bunch of dell diagnostics crapola. Can someone help me?

    NB: I tried R2 on the USB AND on the DVD...

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    Possibly illegal and definitely unethical. BackTrack is designed for professional penetration testing, not for facilitating clandestine use of other peoples equipment.
    Capitalisation is important. It's the difference between "Helping your brother Jack off a horse" and "Helping your brother jack off a horse".

    The Forum Rules, Forum FAQ and the BackTrack Wiki... learn them, love them, live them.

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