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Thread: How to use hydra or meduse to bruteforce on a specific port

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    Default How to use hydra or meduse to bruteforce on a specific port


    I'm trying to bruteforce a .htaccess, but I can't get hydra or medusa to work. I didn't find a way to change the default port in hydra, so I moved to medusa.

    This is my actual command:

    medusa -h *.*.*.* -u admin -P john.txt -s -M http -n 50001 -v 6
    The location of this .htaccess requires SSL and the port 50001. When I execute this line, I get this error (from the verbose 6):

    Medusa v2.0 [] (C) JoMo-Kun / Foofus Networks <>
    GENERAL: Parallel Hosts: 1 Parallel Logins: 1
    GENERAL: Total Hosts: 1 
    GENERAL: Total Users: 1
    GENERAL: Total Passwords: 3106
    ERROR: [http.mod] Failed during sending of authentication data.
    ACCOUNT CHECK: [http] Host: *.*.*.* (1 of 1, 0 complete) User: admin (1 of 1, 0 complete) Password: 12345 (1 of 3106 complete)
    GENERAL: Medusa has finished.
    The .htaccess is at https://*.*.*.*:50001/.

    Any idea?

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    Default Re: How to use hydra or meduse to bruteforce on a specific port

    See the man pages for both tools and or google, this is a covered topic.
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