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Thread: ALFA AWUS036NH BT4-r2 on VMWARE 7.1.3 (Host: Win 7) - Driver Error

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    Default ALFA AWUS036NH BT4-r2 on VMWARE 7.1.3 (Host: Win 7) - Driver Error

    Hello community

    I have previously been successful running VMWare 7.13 BT4R2 on a XP host with my AWUS036NH. As of now I am currently setting up my new laptop running Win 7, and VMWare runs with no issues, however when trying to connect the Ralink USB Device (a AWUS036NH) inside the BT4R2 VM I get the following error:

    The connection for the USB device "Ralink USB Device" was unsuccessful. Driver Error

    It was running fine on the other machine (Win XP) and could connect to the VM and crack some AP's. However it just won't connect to the VM.

    I have run apt-get update/upgrade and firmware-ralink.

    Any ideas?

    Any input would be much appreciated!

    UPDATE* Reinstalled VMWare and tested different USB-ports, seems to be working now!
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