hi every one
ive just installed backtrak on a virtual machine using vitualbox all things seems ok, and i was trying the joomla vulnerability test, i was searching for such tools, coz i m a novice site administration and got many security issues, any way, the fact is the cammand giving to update the database of the joomscan utility (./joomscan.pl update) is not working and always gives me the folowing error:
Please try again later. I got - 500 Can't connect to yehg.net:80(Bad hostname yehg.net)
still even the check option dosent work saying unable to connect to update server
knowing that the test it's self is running ok its only that the database is litle old (2009)
i got internet too working on the system
I cant reach the server indicated there : http://yehg.net/lab
thx for the help