Lenovo TP t410
sound is working. 
audio keys are working
BlueTooth is working. 
wlan Intel Ultimate-N 600 AGN is injecting
Intel 8257LM Gbit-lan is working
Qualcomm Gobi 2000 gps failed

KDE is running with 848x600 the LCD is for 1440x900 WXGA+
NVIDIA Quadro NVS 3100M with 256MB 
the Orienation options from Resize and Rotate are missing
thinkpad keys not working
resuming from pm-suspend (suspend to ram) is not working
The resolution, the resume and the standby-key problem can be fixed by installing nvida-driver but then rotate and mirror of the screen is not posible (going down with the resolution is posible) and LCD Light change keys are not working any more when the NV driver is installed.

Lenovo tp t43p 2668
sound is working. 
audio keys are working
BlueTooth is working. 
Netgear WG511T with Atheros ath5k is injecting.
Broadcom NetXtreme Gbit-Lan is working. 
ZyDAS 1211 zd1211rw is injecting thanks to the R2 update before it was hanging when using aireplay-ng -9 -i wlan1 wlan1

suspend to ram is working but after using pm-suspend the ttys are not working any more
Intel Pro Wireless 2915ABG monitor is not working:

Loading hardware drivers...ipw2200: ipw2200-bss.fw request_firmware 
failed: Reason -2
ipw2200: Unable to load firmware: -2
ipw2200: failed to register network device
firmware_helper[6120]: main: error loading 
'/lib/firmware/ipw2200-bss.fw' for device 
'/class/firmware/0000:0b:02.0' with driver 'ipw2200'

kde is working with right resolution but only with one resolution I can't go down like 1024x768