First of all, I feel kinda stupid for having to ask this, but I've searched the internet and these forums on this topic and I couldn't really find anything. So maybe I simply used the wrong keywords and Google just did its job. If that's the case, sorry for bothering you.

The Problem: I want to install Windows XP virtually on my Backtrack.
I want to train exploiting and creating exploits, and I only have one box which I'm dual booting. I don't want to install Backtrack virtually, as that has its major drawbacks like processing speed and allocated memory and stuff, which I really don't want to concern myself with.

Now, maybe the solution is a simple one and I still haven't been able to find it. Installing VirtualBox just doesn't work, I have failed at several attempts. I get as far as this:
Error! Could not locate vboxdrv.ko for module vboxdrv in the DKMS tree.
You must run a dkms build for kernel (i686) first.
Stopping VirtualBox kernel module: vboxdrv.
Starting VirtualBox kernel module: vboxdrv
* No suitable module for running kernel found.
Thanks in advance for your help on this topic.

Kind regards,