So what we have here is a bash script that make it a lot easier to manage and adapt your word lists and dictionaries.

There are 6 options:

- Combine 2 word lists into one other file; file 1 + file 2 = file 3
- Chop a word list; this allows you to cut a word list into up to 10 parts, you just need to input the number of lines that each file should have. So if you have a 1000 line file you can split it up into 10 lines of 100
- Search through a word list; This allows you to pull up every word with a string you define in
- Optimise a word list for WPA cracking; This removes any duplicate words, and anything <8 characters and >14 characters
- Find a word lists word count; Kinda self explanatory
- Estimate the time it will take for pyrit to run through a word list; This will give you the length of time it will take your computer to test a handshake with your word list if you use pyrit. If you do not use pyrit then this output will be similar to the amount of time it will take with aircrack-ng or coWPAtty doing a standard dictionary attack

Here is a screen shot of the menu:

The top panel displays the files in your current directory. The idea is that you put the script in the folder with your word lists.

- Paste script into a folder with your word lists in
- In terminal "cd /path/to/my/wordlists/"
- Then run the script with "./Wordlister"

And you can download it here: