Hello everyone.

I have attempted to write a script to generate Tiscali Default WPA Key dictionary.
Its not very pretty and could do with more input validation but it works. It creates a dictionary about 13mb in size. Hope you find it useful.


#set your path of crunch

echo "Tiscali Gigaset SE587 WPA Passphrase Dictionary Generator
Enter the last 6 of your SSID " 
read MAC
echo "What would you like the wordlist to be called?"
echo "Generating wordlist...."
echo $MAC | tr "[:lower:]" "[:upper:]" > mac
sed 'h; s/.* //; s/.\{1\}/& /g; x; s/[^ ]*$//; G; s/\n//' mac > spacedmac
IFS=" "
set $(cat spacedmac)
${CRUNCH} 12 12 0123456789ABCDEF -t ${6}@@${4}0${3}${6}@${4}@${5}@ > $FILENAME
rm mac
rm spacedmac
echo "Done! your wordlist is called $FILENAME"