Yes, I know dial up is the ass end of connections, but i move around alot, so need to figure this out. Now i am a total noob when it comes to networking, and pretty much backtrack as well, i just started to learn this stuff basically. Im trying to create either a connection thatll share the internet from my Win 7 dial up or create something within backtrack thatll let me use my dial up modem. So far nothing has worked, i have tried google and such for help, nothing great so far. My win 7 does have a firewall, the windows and another, took em down, nothing changed, net dont work through BT. Ive tried messing with NAT and the Bridge, that didnt work, though i didnt think it would, Bridge said my ether card, which is not what im using for net obviously. I dont know what DNS is (domain name server?) i know what an ip address is kind of, dont kknow how to see mine though. I need this to help get apps, i got to do it through a share folder and then compile whatever tarball file through konsole... gets tedious. Btw it took me 3 days to learn how to get a share folder between guest and host cause i didnt know what directories were or the cd command, thats how much of a noob i am.