All in One ~ Creator/Capture/Cracker v0.9
Created by les requin

CCC is an all-in-one WPA solution for those looking to increase their security on their own networks. It includes the following:

  1. Wordlist Creator - this script can create and modify wordlists specifically for WPA.
  2. Handshake Capture - a script to simplify airodump-ng. Just fill in the blanks and you will be able to capture a handshake easily.
  3. Network Cracker - uses pyrit to crack the handshakes captured with airodump-ng - using the wordlist created in the first script.

CCC is only in BETA. There a few problems which need to be ironed out, but overall the script is working very smoothly. Report any bugs to this thread.

Programs featured:
  1. airmon-ng
  2. airodump-ng
  3. aireplay-ng
  4. pyrit
  5. John The Ripper
  6. CUPP

At the moment CCC is only compatible with BT4 is available at Mediafire

Virus scan result is at Virus Total

Any questions, just make a post in this thread. Please leave feedback and any feature requests