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Thread: TP-LINK Wireless Usb Adapter

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    Default TP-LINK Wireless Usb Adapter

    Hi All
    I recently purchased a wireless usb adapter TL-WN321G. I had read on the net that this device supports master mode. I am trying it with BT4-R2. Backtrack detects it and creates an interface for it. It uses the RT25xx drivers. I am unable to get it to work in master mode though. All the other modes work. After doing some research, I read that master mode works only with the latest drivers. Site below.

    Has anyone had any experience getting this ISB adapter to work in master mode?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: TP-LINK Wireless Usb Adapter

    Did you get the usb dongle to work in master mode?

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