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Thread: purchasing ALFA Networks AWUS036H

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    I'm not at home yet so I can't try this out, but that is almost 100% what I do.

    Only 2 differences I can see so far....

    Then I open Kismet:
    I hit shift+s to sort then hit c to sort by channel. Hit enter on my ap to view info on the ap. like channle number mac adress and the routers name. Hit q to get out of that then shif+l to lock the wifi adaptor to that channel

    That's new.

    airodump-ng -w abc -c 001 wlan0
    Runs ariodump on channel 1 saving to abc-01.cap

    Interesting you put 001 as the channel number. I have always just used single digits like 1, 5, 9, 11 etc.

    I'm probably being too optimistic, but I can't wait to get back this evening and give this another lash!

    Cue major let down

    (Thanks for you help jonnyt)

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    Well yes I believe just writing channel 9, 6, 11 what ever should be fine. It’s only because when I was new to this method I copied and pasted what Baxter had written out for me/every one.

    Also just your standard method of putting the card in monitor mode shouldn't make any difference. Would make it more efficient if any thing.

    But I had the day off today and decided to test out a few things. I put my crappy BT home hub just a meter away on a channel that nothing else in the area was using (channel 5). I started the injection and quickly it crept up to a good 270 - 320 IV a second. The signal was a strong -70/-30 (what I would call 70%)

    Keeping this story short I kept moving my laptop further away from the home hub and it always stayed well above 230 IV per second until the signal got to about -42/-68 ( 42% ) here it inconsistently fluctuated between 50 - 210 IVs a second.

    By now I had reached as far away as I could go in my property so I decided to change the channel of the AP to 11 which about 8 other AP's in my area seem to be using. The signal dropped right down to -37/-62 (37%) and the injection never went higher than 37 IV a second.

    I tried the same with my netgear router and got nearly the same results at these distances thought it did perform slightly better on the far channel 11 test going 20 - 60 IV per second.

    I also tried my netgear wg111 v2 at the same signal strengths (obviously I had to get closer to the AP with that adaptor) and it seemed to inject about the same if not slightly less than the Alfa.

    My tests were probably not the most exact and scientific as you can get but I’m quite happy that my Alfa is doing a good job. Just got to stay above (40%) signal to get the best results.

    If your one is still not performing as it should be could be faulty device or antenna. Also are you defiantly using the double USB cable it came with? As it needs the power of 2 USB sockets to make up the power it needs for the amplifier.

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    What version of D-link do you have? Which does 300+ivs/s

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