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Thread: Question about VNC server

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    Default Question about VNC server

    I know this may be a really stupid question for some people, but hear me out.
    I have an SSH server, and a VNC server running on my BT4 R2 machine at home.
    I did a reverse SSH tunnel back to my Mac OS X 10.6.5 laptop with port 5901, which is what the VNC server is listening on.
    I then used Chicken of the VNC to connect to localhost:5901 and it comes up with an x server screen, but no desktop, the cursor is a big X, the screen is all funky (like black and white lines).

    My question: Does anyone know how to actually start the x server so I can see my desktop? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Question about VNC server

    It should be something along the lines of startx bt:1 or so.
    There is a guide on the forums in the how-to section on getting vnc over ssh going.
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    Default Re: Question about VNC server

    Hmm that guide doesn't help. It explains if I tunnel from the viewing machine to the server. I'm going the other way. And startx bt:1 doesn't work for me. Any other ideas?

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    Default Re: Question about VNC server

    perhaps instead of vncserver on backtrack, you could utilize x11vnc;

    root@bt:~# x11vnc -display :0 &
    The default x11vnc port is 5900 however. You may want to add some kind of authentication mechanism in there as well, though running through the SSH tunnel helps. I definitely recommend having a quick read of the x11vnc man page. Also have a quick read of my SSH over VNC write-up in the how-to section if you need additional information.

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