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Thread: Reasons why NMAP might be slow

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    Default Reasons why NMAP might be slow


    I was wondering if any one might know why the performance of NMAP on my BT4 VM image is really slow.

    For example a simple nmap XX.XX.XX.XX of my router took 14.6 seconds on Windows it tool 0.6 seconds and on Ubuntu it took 0.4?

    There is quite a considerable difference between them?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Reasons why NMAP might be slow

    Well I think this is because it's running in a VMware, if you want to make sure just boot a liveCD and try nmap there.
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    Default Re: Reasons why NMAP might be slow

    Not really an issue, (also not our problem) this is normal behavior, suggest reading up on how nmap works, then the answers will become clearer.
    Different network devices take different amounts of time to be properly scanned.

    Also plus 1 to booting live media versus vmware et al.
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