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Thread: usb wireless adapter question

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    Question usb wireless adapter question

    first of all,i would like to say sorry for the double post on the last 2 thread i posted,i got low connection that time and MERRY CHRISTMAS )

    OK.i am thinking on buying a usb wireless adapter and i want to ask if this usb wireless key is compatible and can be use on backtrack 4.sorry for the big picture,i dont know how to resize it

    The new Hamlet HNWU150N dongle, based on the IEEE 802.11n technology, provides faster wireless connections with a data transfer rate up to 150Mbps. The HNWU150N supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption that allows you to connect securely to a wireless network.


    * Compliant with IEEE 802.11n (Draft 2.0) and 802.11g/b
    * USB 2.0 interface compatible with USB 1.1
    * Supports data transfer rate up to 150Mbps
    * Operating frequency range: 2.412 ~ 2.484 GHz
    * Antenna configuration: 1T1R (one transmit, one receive)
    * WPA/WPA2 data security and 64/128-bit WEP encryption
    * Supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) function
    * Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX4) supported
    * Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure mode
    * Status LED indicator: Power/Link
    * Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 50°C
    * Dimensions (W x D x H): 49.5 × 26.5 × 10 mm
    * Weight: 10 g
    * Supports: Windows 2000/XP/Vista and 7

    so can this usb wireless key can be use on backtrack 4 to hack wep key?

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    Default Re: usb wireless adapter question

    Quote Originally Posted by chiefcook View Post
    so can this usb wireless key can be use on backtrack 4 to hack wep key?
    Why can't you check it by yourself? It's very easy:
    google -> "Hamlet HNWU150N chipset" -> find out it's chipstet.
    google -> "<chipset> monitor" and "<chipset> injection" -> find out if the chipset is compatible with monitor mode and injection.
    Easy, hein?

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