The default install from the cd went well, however upon first boot a few things didn't work.

Issues 1 was the video resolution, it was stuck in 800x600. Issue 2 was the Wifi didn't work. Issue 3 was no sound.

Issue 1: Thanks to this forum thread Here I was able to get this fixed. I tweaked the script to use 1024x600x32 instead of 24

Issue 2: This requires upgrading both the drivers and the firmware. They can be downloaded Here

I have a recurring issue with this, before I log into X i need to run airmon-ng start wlan0 && wicd && airmon-ng stop mon0. If i don't do this, then try and run wicd and wicd-client the computer will lock up and I have to hit the power button to recover.

Issue 3: this is as simple as running alsamixer and turning up the volume.