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Thread: No Sessions Created msfconsole db_autopwn

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    Default No Sessions Created msfconsole db_autopwn

    Hi guys,

    here's the problem I am having:
    i have a virtual xp sp2 machine in my LAN, I can successfully exploit it using:


    I have port 445 (file and printer sharing) open on that machine (in Windows firewall)

    I have successfully setup MYSQL db in conjunction with metasploit.

    I do a thorough db_nmap scan, identifying the ports and the OS

    and then I utilise autopwn with these options -t -x -p -e.

    What I then see is that autopwn uses the exploit above (in Bold) but no session is created.

    My commands look something like this

    msf > db_driver mysql

    msf>db_nmap -A -O -r

    msf>db_autopwn -t -x -p -e

    Im just trying to get an understanding of why this exploit works when input manually as opposed to autopwn, especially when they both display the same exploit ?
    Something to do with autopwn payload, Im checking the options and advanced options and there doesnt really seem to be anything as to why this would work manually as opposed to autopwn?
    any ideas?
    I feel im doing everything correctly that I've read about from
    and then utilised in my own virtual network environment, but to no avail.
    am I meant to be setting a db_payload ie setg (set global) etc?

    Help a nerd in need


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    Default Re: No Sessions Created msfconsole db_autopwn

    Make sure your framework is up to date:
    cd /pentest/exploits/framework3
    svn update
    did you connect to the database from within metasploit before running your db_nmap command?

    db_connect mysqluser:mysqlpass@localhost/xp_sp2
    mysqluser:mysqlpass is a user ID and a password for a mysql user you have previously created.
    xp_sp2 is the name of the database you would be creating.

    db_nmap -A -O -r
    db_hosts will show whether or not the database was populated with any data. If no data shows under the columns, your db is not connected properly.

    If db_hosts is populated, then run:

    db_autopwn -p -e -r -t

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    Default Re: No Sessions Created msfconsole db_autopwn

    Time to start reading the vast amounts of documentation on metasploit.
    To be successful here you should read all of the following.
    If you are new to Back|Track
    Back|Track Wiki
    Failure to do so will probably get your threads deleted or worse.

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