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Thread: XP Pentest Disks

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    Default XP Pentest Disks

    Hey all,

    Just wondering if anyone know where I might be able to find some preconfigured live cd (Vulnerable) pentest disks with Windows XP on them? I am trying to setup a lab to test. Thanks for the response.
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    Default Re: XP Pentest Disks

    Well I'm not sure if there is such a thing ... but you can always configure it like in the Metasploit Unleashed By Offensive Security and you can add some nice apps from Exploits Database by Offensive Security.

    There are some nice live CDs called De-ICE and pwnOS which have different scenarios too, I'm sure google can help you on this one and there is also Metasploitable which can be found here:
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    Default Re: XP Pentest Disks

    What makes you think you would need a preconfigured pentest disk to make XP vulnerable? It's quite vulnerable even in its default released state
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    Default Re: XP Pentest Disks

    haha yea, just install it to a virtual machine and its ready to test against!

    as for your question no you cant just download a live CD that would be software piracy. but you could make like a PE version but since that isnt a real example of a OS its pointless. just install the operating system and start attacking.
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