easy-creds is a bash script that leverages ettercap and other tools to obtain credentials. It allows you to easily attack with basic arp poison, oneway arp poison and DHCP spoofing or a Fake AP. Includes sslstrip log file parser

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I did a lot of revamping for this version. The menus are laid out better, cleaner.

Attack menu includes:
ARP poisoning
oneway Arp poisoning
DHCP poisoning
ICMP Poisoning
FakeAP - Fixed and now works on R2

Data Parsing menu includes:
sslstrip.log file parser
dsniff file parser
ettercap.eci file parser

In addition, you can view the ettercap man page, nano /etc/etter.conf & nano the /etc/default/dhcp3-server file (for adding at0 interface for dhcp server)

I think everyone will enjoy this version much better. I don't really see too many more "major" revisions in the future...but you never know.

Use it, let me know how it does for you... If there are some changes to be made, let me know.

If you really like it, can you please ask to have it added to BT5? I can dream can't I?

Best Regards,

aka J0hnnyBr@v0