My problem is...
Apache2(Which Beef, PHProxy, and MSF are hosted on) is at ServerName: AKA my local ip of

BeEF can successfully be accessed through

MSF successfully can be used through BeEF.

The problem I'm encountering is this:
When I go to to setup PHProxy to attach my BeEF javascript exploit, it fails and brings up a download window for an empty file named "~".

I got around this by directly calling PHProxy at (/index.php contains modified PHProxy for attaching BeEF).

At this point, PHProxy works perfectly with BeEF on my local computer.

I have a desktop in another room on the same network at ip:

I DNS spoof them using this code:

echo "* A" >> /usr/share/ettercap/etter.dns
ettercap -T -i eth1 -M arp:remote / / -P dns_spoof
It seems to work. I walk to the next room and open IE8 and navigate to

I walk back to the other room with the laptop hosting the DNS Spoof and can see all the traffic, WITH successful spoofs to That's my problem. It didn't redirect to /index.php

How do I make is so that my Apache2 server @ has PHProxy running on it's "ROOT"?

I suppose I could also modify my apache2.conf file to direct all connections to to, but I don't know how to make the exception so that I can still connect to BeEF @ without being redirected to PHProxy.

I used and modified versions of these guides to set it up...
Hack Forums
Hack Forums
Hack Forums
Setting a static or DHCP IP in Linux

i tried to give you as many details as possible. Once I figure this out, I'm making a NOOB Tutorial for this so it'll be easier for the next person XD