When I installed Pyrit with cuda on my fresh install of bt4 r2 using the guide on this website, it ran perfectly. I even cracked a wpa key with it, however, when I shut backtrack down and went back to it another day I ran pyrit list_cores in X and the screen went black then showed a zoomed in and discoloured part of the desktop. It became unresponsive and I had to use my power switch to shut it off.

I can restart it and run some pyrit commands without X running, but after a while of cracking wpa like this the letters on the screen look messed up and it stops working. I can use ctrl alt delete to shut it down at that point.

I've done this multiple times with fresh install of bt4 r2 and it does the same thing each time. Is there any way to fix this? or did I not look in the right places? Cause I'd rather not install backtrack with persistence and install pyrit each time I want to use it.

The commands I used to install pyrit was this.
apt-get install nvidia-driver 'without X running
I generated that config file like the guide said
It went back to X, then I logged out of X
It did some lines of code and mentioned something about the new config file
apt-get install pyrit cpyrit-cuda
It installed then I logged back into X

I'm using the nvidia 260 on a desktop if it means anything.

I'd appreciate any help.