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Thread: Nmap over pptp vpn

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    Default Nmap over pptp vpn

    Good Afternoon,

    I'm having a bit of a problem running nmap over my VPN. We have 20 locations over 21 subnets.

    Each is a class C (/24) network and they're all interfaced through routes on the RAS server and the local machines. I'm using kvpnc to access my vpn and the routes are setup correctly. I can remote manage every device on the network without an issue (phones, printers, pc's); and I can see them all with both ipscan and nbtscan.

    All manual pings come back correctly, that is, if I ping a dead host it does not respond but a live host will respond.

    When I run nmap: nmap -sP it tells me every host is up; including .0 & .255.

    My local interface is eth0 @
    My VPN tunnel interface is ppp0 @

    Output from nmap --iflist looks correct

    lo (lo) loopback up
    eth0 (eth0) ethernet up 00:16:76:6D:C5:94
    ppp0 (ppp0) point2point up

    Any idea's?


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    Default Re: Nmap over pptp vpn

    Nmap has plenty of documentation as well as a mailing list. It would be wise for you to ask there. They are the experts on it.
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    Default Re: Nmap over pptp vpn

    Only thing I can see there is that maybe you need to specify which interface to send the packets from.

    nmap -sP -e ppp0

    Try that and see the output, Im not too sure what the -sP does, could you tell me please? I tried to google a lil now and couldnt find it.

    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Nmap over pptp vpn

    -sP is ping only. I usually am only scanning one class C subnet. But I usually use maybe try that range type notation rather than CIDR.

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