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In a way you are correct, the only way you will fully understand linux is by playing with it. If that means borking your entire system and reloading it a hundred times, so be it. Nobody is telling you don't experiment, because there is probably nobody here on the forum that hasn't borked a linux box before while doing experimentation. You learn to accept it; at least this a binary based distro and not source like Gentoo so re-install is quick and painless.

My way as well as joker5bb's way are both valid ways of achieving the end result of getting the absolute most out of the hardware that we purchased. Which way you choose to go (or for that matter, maybe experimenting and finding another route that works for you) is entirely up to you. You just have to realize that if you aren't that familiar with linux, you will have to pick up some books or search the net for answers because this isn't a linux 101 forum. That's what they have ubuntuforum for.

Technically, this thread and the other thread really have really nothing to do with BackTrack per se (other than wireless know-how) and I'm glad the mod's haven't just shut it down. Good luck with all of the info you have received and don't get discouraged. It's the only way you will fully grasp linux!
after following your route and reach the 20 dBm level, i will try joker's way to reach 30 dBM. last note from me on this subject is : thanks for all the info and advice while
expressing that i have max. respect for you guys.