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Thread: I got 2 problems ,please advise

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    Question I got 2 problems ,please advise

    I am typing "last" to see the last users that logged on and I get " last: /var/log/wtmp: No such file or directory
    Perhaps this file was removed by the operator to prevent logging last info."
    -Please help me be able to get the command to work.

    How can I turn off the IPP service. I tried putting the PC running backtrack on the DMZ and it shows me that it has IPP-port 631 OPENED. I don't need it and I don't want a running service that I don't need and could be a backdoor on the system.
    How can I please disable that service?

    Thank you in advance!!


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    #/etc/rc.d/rc.cups stop
    - deactivate cups
    to permanent disable cups servies
    #chmod -x /etc/rc.d/rc.cups

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