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Thread: xorg.conf Acer Aspire 1825ptz

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    Default xorg.conf Acer Aspire 1825ptz

    Guys my head hurts, i'm working 10 hours trying set my screen resolution to 1366x768 but i cant, can you help me pls?weeling army

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    Default Re: xorg.conf Acer Aspire 1825ptz

    Some details might help. What type of graphics card do you have, what have you tried so far, what error messages or output do you see, etc.
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    Default Re: xorg.conf Acer Aspire 1825ptz

    This is my pc, i have an intell graphic card, i try install driver but they dont solve my problem, i try to manual configure xorg.conf but when i add a resolution mode doesn't function, i need to edit xorg.conf but i dont know how.

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