First off I have a dual core laptop with windows 7 ultimate x64. I use vmware 7 and loaded BackTrack 4R2. I also did an update with 'apt-get update', 'apt-get upgrade', and 'apt-get dist-upgrade' before and after I installed samba. I did that by reinstalling thinking I did something wrong.

I installed samaba though Konsole.
root@bt:~# apt-get install samba
Everything installed fine and perfectly. But as soon as I clicked on shared folders in the kmenu of the system menu. I get prompted with a "Unsupported platform" box with linux distros list. On top of that list it says this,

If you know for sure that it works like one of the platforms listed below, you can
select that and continue. Note, however, that this might damage the system 
configuration or downright cripple your computer.
Now of course I know BT4 is based off of ubuntu so I scroll down and select Ubuntu Linux in that list. Also, I know its off of version 8 so I select that one. But once the Shared folder box pops up it says.

sharing services are not installed

You need to install at leat either Samba or
NFS in order to share your folders.

Install Unix networks support (NFS)

Install windows networks support (SMB)
Of course with the close and Install services buttons. So I click Install services button and I get prompted with that same box that I have not installed. So I close it and everything is fine but when I need to bring it up again its the same thing. But this time when I close it, it gets greyd out. After I reboot I get it to work but its all the same problem.

Is there a better way of doing this? I've been googleing and reading forms in here and no help. Or is there a way to fix this? Some direction would be appreciated. Also if I didn't provide enough information just let me know and I will tell you. I believe this is all the information since I am new. But any help would be helpfull or point me in the right direction.