Okay im having a strange issue i think i know whats wrong but i cant fix it. So I have this old computer about 5 or 6 years basic setup nothing special. Now im trying to set it up for a Half Life dedicated server no big deal. So i decide to use B/T instead of windows and install to hd. Then i try to setup my linksys wmp54gsv1.1 wifi card using ndiswrapper but kept getting errors. I decided that Steam and my wifi card would be more compatable with windows to i cleared all partitions and tried to install windows. When i restarted i got the error Boot from ATAPI CD-ROM : Failure DISK BOOT FAILURE then lilo started and tried to boot B/T and it froze because i deleted it. Now i tried everything to fix the error and nothing worked i eventually hooked up the hd with B/T to my new computer and reinstalled windows and did fixmbr and everything loads fine! Okay so then i hook up the hd to the old computer and windows goes to the screen that it has crashed and pick what mode to start. Every mod freezes safemode start normal it all freezes and when i try to boot from disk same error ATAPI CD-ROM : Failure DISK BOOT FAILURE i even tried to boot from B/T.iso nothing windows instal disk nothing a program called Emergency Boot CD-ROM Pro 0.6.1 nothing so i guess it the motherboard or sumthing caus it works fine on my other computer if i can just load from a boot disk i can fixmbr on old comp and whalla!!!! plllllease help me i am so desperate srry for long post and srry if its in wrong section im a newb so i figured...... also i use B/T 2.0 thanx in advance