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Thread: Obtaining list of remote desktop users

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    Default Obtaining list of remote desktop users

    I have been subjected to someone attempting to bruteforce into my system via RDP. Fortunately they have been unsuccessful in part because I have the account set to lockout after X failed tries. Which is annoying to me when I try to log in....

    Being a bit new to Backtrack & hacking/cracking, what method is my attacker using to gain a list of users that access to terminal sessions?

    I have been the attempted victim on several occasions. Sometimes it apparent that the attacker is using a list of user names but other times he's spot on. My user names are not ones I would expect to find in a 'user list.'

    Does anyone have any ideas they'd like to share?

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    Default Re: Obtaining list of remote desktop users

    1 This has nothing to do with BackTrack Linux.
    2. Turn off RDP and the problem will be solved.
    3. We can only assume that this "attacker" is trying to gain access to your "terminal sessions" based on what you have told us, which is very little.
    4. How do you know you are a victim? Did you suffer any losses?
    5. How do you know what the "attacker" is using for a "list of user names"?
    6. How do you figure that your "user names are not ones" to be found in a "user list"?
    7. How are we expected to "share ideas" considering there is really no question here?
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    Default Re: Obtaining list of remote desktop users

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