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Thread: WPA Brute Forcing with CUDA.

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    Default WPA Brute Forcing with CUDA.

    Hi, i was going to build a new system, with a quad core phenom II, and 2x280 GTXs in SLi. I was wondering if brute forcing 8-15 random character WPA keys is even doable, and what kind of time scale could be achieved?

    i understand 15 would really be pushing it, and i am aware of dictionary attacks, but my focus is on random characters, and would really like to know the limits and boundaries of GPU brute forcing when it comes to WPA. in terms of size, what kind of pass phrase would be a boundary size, before brute forcing becomes a lost cause?


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    Default Re: WPA Brute Forcing with CUDA.

    The system you described would process 22,000-25,000 pmk/s. An 8 char password of lower case letters alone would take 4 monthes. For one access point. Have fun
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