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Thread: Connecting hidden SSID

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    Default Connecting hidden SSID

    Hello people, I've been giving a shot to bt2 recently and I don't have a clue on how to connect to a hidden SSID network. I manage to set up my ipw3945ABG interface and I can see other wireless networks on my area, but I can't connect to the hidden one (which I'm currently connecting through from my Ubuntu install), Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
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    Default Problem

    I have similar problem: I see the hidden networks, but I cannot crack them.
    So, my Q is: how can you get the SSID, from a hidden network, without any clients.

    And about your problem:
    What command did you probe out?
    What did you exactly do, for the connection?

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    are you talking about the ESSID? If it is hidden you need to deauthenticate a client using that router by forging deauth packets, and the ESSID will be revealed in the Airodump window. - you cant auth/assoc with the router without its extended service set id.

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