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Thread: Install bug

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    Default Install bug

    file "usr/lib/ubiquity/", line 196, in timeout self.blink()
    file "usr/lib/ubiquity/", line 391, in blink cr = self.window.cairo_create()
    error: NULL pointer

    THis is the bug I get when I try to install. I try to install with a cd and tried to install with usb. But cant get it to work. I do not want to go back to windows please help me out. I just bought a new hard drive for this labtop. The labtop is old, I had to use PLoP to boot from a usb. It is a Toshiba Satallite 5105-S501, it has no bios and is a legacy free labtop. Does anybody no what these errors mean?


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    Default Re: Install bug

    This is probably not a bug. But start with checking the wiki (link below) in regards to ensuring you have a good DVD burn and the md5um is correct.
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    Back|Track Wiki
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