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Thread: Cannot boot anything

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    Default Cannot boot anything

    Hello guys,

    I've stuck with a problem to boot anything on my laptop after installing BT4 r2 on external HDD.

    I used to have built in HDD with two win 7 partitions and external USB HDD 500gb for media storage also devided to 2 partitions 100gb +400gb.

    I wanted to install BT4 r2 on that USB HDD so I tried to follow the How To instruction (apparently the wrong one in this case, coz i followed the dual booting one) and trusted that install option in BT4 will do what i need. The thing is that i cut the 400gb partition SDC3 to 370 and 30gb and wanted to install BT4 on that 30gb. Everything went smoothly until i received the info if i want to reboot or continue using LIVE CD. I chose reboot and the mess started:
    1. in the boot configuration: CD then HDD then removable disk with both disks pluged in i get GRUB error 17 and cannot do anything
    2. when i plug out the USB HDD it says Grub error 21
    3. when i disable internal HDD :Reboot and select proper Boot device or instert boot media in selected boot device and press a key
    4. when i chose only to start with CD backtrack won't load and i have the same msg about rebooting and selecting a boot device..
    5. dont know what's gna happen if i put some repair windows cd or something coz i don't have it.

    So apparently i pretty much messed up. Don't even have a clue how to solve it as I cannot boot anything so far. Please help me out here

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: Cannot boot anything

    Another classic example of messing with things in which you have no idea about.
    It looks to me as though you have grub pointed to the wrong place. It might be a good idea to pull out your windows restore media and restore your MBR.
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    Default Re: Cannot boot anything

    Install on your intern.

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    Angry Re: Cannot boot anything

    Thanks. I know i'm a beginner thus i'm on this subforum and to get to know it i wanted to instal it, but i failed on that.

    Apparently i could not launch any CD coz my DVD rom was not visible in bios (got some hardware problems)

    I switched the HDDs with another laptop so i have access to cd rom again and booting from CD works...

    Can't make MBR working so far (weird thing is that windows 7 disk finds the system on disc D not C as before. under backtrack that partition is sda2 and sda3 is the partition that was disc D before). At least would be good to run win again coz need to work on it tomorrow.

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