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Thread: samba(d), system-config-samba

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    Post samba(d), system-config-samba

    I thought there was a samba service in earlier versions of BackTrack, but it doesn't seem to be on the list of services for version 4, R2.
    Having a samba service is very useful for things like booting a virus-infected or otherwise failing windows machine in BackTrack, and then sharing that machine's drives or folders on the network for inspection, file-backup, or virus scanning from a different (probably windows) machine.
    `apt-get install samba` and `apt-get install system-config-samba` are the two commands I happened to use to achieve this. It would be nice if these were included in BackTrack by default. Thanks.

    * I guess that, since "samba" is a dependency package for "system-config-samba", that simply installing the latter would install both.
    * FYI, after installing system-config-samba, the new menu item can be found at System > Samba

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    Default Re: samba(d), system-config-samba

    This tool is in the Backtrack repositories, so if you want it apt-get install it.
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