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Thread: Easily launch fluxbox or kde

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    Post Easily launch fluxbox or kde

    If I recall correctly, there was once a version of BackTrack (1 and 2, I think. Maybe even 3) that you could easily start X with either fluxbox or KDE by typing 'flux' or 'kde'.
    (Or maybe it was 'flux' and 'startx')
    At any rate, I just installed BT4, R2 which comes with fluxbox again, and created myself two new scripts - /usr/bin/flux and /usr/bin/kde - since I sometimes want to run in one or the other.
    Note: running startx will simply launch wichever desktop manager you used last. :)
    Attached is a script that installs both of those scripts for you, or you can cut and paste code to create them manually, yourself.
    -Gr3y M4tt3r

    echo "This will create two scripts: /usr/bin/flux and /usr/bin/kde";
    echo "Continue [Y/n]?"; read choice;
    if [ "$choice" == "n" ];
    echo "Aborted.";
    echo "#!/bin/bash" > /usr/bin/flux;
    echo "echo \"/usr/bin/startfluxbox\" > \$HOME/.xinitrc;" >> /usr/bin/flux;
    echo "startx;" >> /usr/bin/flux
    chmod 770 /usr/bin/flux;
    echo "Created /usr/bin/flux"
    echo "#!/bin/bash" > /usr/bin/kde;
    echo "echo \"/usr/bin/startkde\" > \$HOME/.xinitrc;" >> /usr/bin/kde;
    echo "startx;" >> /usr/bin/kde
    chmod 770 /usr/bin/kde;
    echo "Created /usr/bin/kde"
    echo "Done."
    echo "Now when you want to run fluxbox, type \`flux\`"
    echo "When you want to run kde, type \`kde\`"
    The above is also available here:
    and as the attachment below.
    File allegati File allegati
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    Default Re: Easily launch fluxbox or kde

    I suppose there is nothing wrong with your scripts ( I did not try them), but one can also use dragon before starting the x-server.
    # dragon
    # desktop fluxbox or kde

    But cheers for the contribution.
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    Default Re: Easily launch fluxbox or kde

    dragon is a really awesome tool. I actually found out about the same day I made this post. However, for starting fluxbox or kde, I personally don't want to have to go through the dragon menu or commands, when I could just simply type one thing in place of startx.

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