Hello there!

I am new to backtrack and to the backtrack forums. I hope I can learn and contribute a lot here, but i first need to figure out how to get everything working I've got some history with fedora and debian so i'm not completey new to linux.

I have installed Backtrack 4 r2 on a flash drive to have a persistent backtrack.

Allmost everything went well, i just have the problem that when i start the option: persistent live cd (which is actually a flash driver) i don't have no screen and my mouse doesn't work.

I found a temporary fix for the screen by using the fix-vesa command. I probably have to install the drivers for my ati hd radeon 4870. I would really love to do that, but i also have the issue of a not working mouse.

I have two mouses, they both work on windows 7 and fedora 13.
When i start using framebuffer (1024x768) my mouse works fine.

Can someone help me out with this problem?

I'd be happy to give the information you need so you can help me a step further.

Thanks in advance!