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Thread: question about hash files

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    Default question about hash files

    I set my linksys router using SSID "linksys" and ran cowpatty with the 40mb linksys hash file from schmoo using multiple wordlists and it always test the same amount of passphrases, 996359 to be exact. I used a 1gig wordlist, a 2gig wordlist, smaller 500mb files, and its always the same figure 996359. After reading about how these hash files work, I think the hash file Im using is computed from a wordlist of 1 million words. Am I getting the same 996359 tested because my wordlist contains all the words from schmoo's hash file? Sorry if its such a noob question, I am amazed with the speed and how it zooms through a 500mb wordlist in 7 seconds. This makes me want to generate my own hash file with my own wordlists

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    So what are you waiting for ?
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