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Thread: WICD can't find/set IP

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    Default WICD can't find/set IP

    Okay, so I have an HP netbook. In WICD I can see all of the wireless connections but when i connect to lets say an unsecured network I get a message that says it can't find/set an IP address. Also, when I try my wireless router which is wpa2 secured, (i know the password) the wireless manager thing hangs at the validating part which then says it is a bad password. Any idea what this is all about?

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    Default Re: WICD can't find/set IP

    Are you sure you selected the right encryption on WICD ? Also have you tried manually connecting ?
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    Default Re: WICD can't find/set IP

    Definitely research manually connecting. You'll be much more prepared to troubleshoot and or repair the GUI connections. Sometimes wpa_supplicant requires special definitions in the conf file. Hidden SSIDs for instance need a special type of entry to work. Here is what I use for mine.
    darkside-ng ~ # cat /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa.conf 
    Here it is shown using my device's default SSID. I've omitted my PSK string and hash, but these are normally generated using the wpa_passphase command. I believe in this case the scan_ssid and key_mgmt as well as proto variables were added.

    Definitly have a quick read of
    root@bt:~# man wpa_supplicant.conf
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    Default Re: WICD can't find/set IP

    Ok here is a wicked site that will definitely benefit you, it helped me perfectly

    Wireless Security 802.11 Security Index

    If I were you just double check your WICD is started and then from there you can run the WICD manager and try connect. I know i have used WICD and the iwconfig to connect to my WPA2 wireless without hassles.

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