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Thread: Nvidia X-server Problem

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    Default Nvidia X-server Problem

    Ok so i got the NVIDIA driver and put it under /desktop and i use the command sudo sh (Nvidia driver dir) and press enter and it says x server is running. i did some googleing and saw u should stop it by pressing ctrl+alt+backspace. This led me to the real problem. when i press that my screen goes blank and loses signal. So i am looking for 2 posible fixes. wather my ctrl+alt+backspace problem or atleast a way to stop x-server in terminal or any other way.

    More info about my sysstem. Its a core2-quad with 4 gb ddr800 RAM and a 8800GT. I am running Backtrack 4 r2 wich is installed to a 120GB HDD. I have 3TB space and am also running Ubuntu,win7-64, and mac snowleapord on a difrent HDD. I am new to Linux and VERY new to backtrack. Any help is greatly appriciated.

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    OMS im such a noob lol i finly relised what X is.I never noticed i started it with startX. I loged out and ran the Driver i downloaded from the desktop and bang all good :P thanx anyway. That link made me relise what X is. well we all gota start somewhere hey.

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