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Thread: No keyboard after harddrive install?

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    Default No keyboard after harddrive install?

    I've had BT4 pre final Live install on a usbstick and using it for a some time with no problems but then i decided to do a hardrive install, the installation worked fine until i rebooted and tried to login. My keyboard didn't work and i have tried to move it to every usb port and boot without keyboard and mouse and plugged in them at the login prompt without sucess. I have no other keyboard avalible but it works perfect when i boot on live usb stick and in ubuntu. Suggestions?

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    Default Re: No keyboard after harddrive install?

    I suggest downloading the BT4 Final .iso and giving that a try. Follow the tutorials that are posted in the howtos forum. We will not support you until you make this upgrade, so really, it's in your best interest

    Let us know how it goes for you by replying to this thread.
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